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How to Build Outdoor Kitchen Island

Outdoor Kitchen Island – People have known for a long time that the kitchen is the heart of the house and because of this. They have tried to extend their kitchen outdoors. Once there is an outdoor kitchen you can enjoy nature, enjoy a barbecue and simply enjoy the company of those around you without having to constantly run in and out of the house. These outdoor kitchens have really become very convenient and popular throughout the country.

Wholesale Outdoor Kitchen

Wholesale Outdoor Kitchen

Build the island frame using the 2×4 and the screws. The measurements of the plot will be of you. You will also have to create the corner posts, where the corners of your frame come together, do this by attaching an additional 2×4 over the inside corner of each corner of the frame. Screw in metal pole clasp in the corners, in the lower part of the frame. Sheets of cut plywood to the appropriate measures to cover each side of the frame. Screw the wood to the frame with the screws and a screwdriver.

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Mix a mortar bag with the right amount of water in the mixing bucket. Score the mortar all the way around the island with the side of the paddle and let it dry for 24 more hours. Take a cornerstone and apply mortar on the back of it with the trowel. Then scrape the excess and notches in the remaining mortar to create air pockets. Lay stones come out in both directions from this cornerstone. Fit the best you can. Allow the entire island to heal for 2 to 3 days.

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