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January 10, 2019 Kitchen Paint

To Do Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets Well

The first thing to do spray painting kitchen cabinets is check the surface on cabinet. If your intention is to paint over an already existing layer, it is essential to clean the area well with a rag and denatured alcohol. If the pre-existing paint is too rough, or has small bubbles, a pass with fine abrasive paper (the car body) wet with water will increase the performance of the finished work. After that, once cleaned all right, let’s move on to the painting phase.

Airless Paint Sprayer

Choose the place where to do the spraying cabinets with airless sprayer. Cover the floor well with the canvas or newspapers. Agitate the can for about a minute before starting to spray. First pass must be given with a steady hand, sliding the can with regular movement to the right and left and without exaggeration with the paint. Once the surface is evenly covered, leave it to dry for a day. Smooth off any bubbles or bumps with the wrapping paper and clean again with a pass of alcohol.

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At this point give a second coat of paint, crossing the varnish passes to prevent signs from being seen. Leave everything to rest for another day. If you have used opaque paint, make a tactile and visual control, and eventually pass the abrasive paper very lightly. In the case of glossy varnishes, it is advisable to pass a coat of clear coat later. These to increase the visual effect and to better preserve the airless paint sprayer from fingerprints, scratches and chipping.

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